Guest rooms - 50
Capacity - 200 people
TEL 0243-24-2101
FAX 0243-24-2760

This inn with a wonderful view is the highest elevated at Dake Onsen.
We celebrated our 50th anniversary in 2013, and 2014 was our year of progress! The meeting room was finished in April, and the pet accommodations were finished in July. Our main bath for women will reopen in August, completely renovated. It goes without saying the guest rooms overlook the Abukuma Mountains.

Guest rooms - 20
Capacity - 70 people
TEL 0243-24-2001
FAX 0243-24-2004

Known as "an inn fragrant with a single wildflower," we place flowers throughout the inn to create a soothing space. Our meals are all handcrafted and brim with the tone of the season.
Both the men's and women's open-air baths are made from cypress.

Guest rooms - 24
Capacity - 76 people
TEL 0243-24-2306
FAX 0243-24-2329

This soul-soothing highland hotel specializes in health and beauty. We hope you experience paradise in our cell-activating low-temperature porcelain slab sauna, an aroma spa treatment in the forest, our healthy buffet, or while immersing yourself in the cloudy white waters of our free-flowing hot spring bath.

Guest rooms - 92
Capacity - 500 people
TEL 0243-24-2211
FAX 0243-24-2671

Art works with connections to the local area are displayed throughout the inn. You can choose to dine from buffet-style or set Japanese meal choices. The inn can accommodate a wide variety of guests from individuals to large groups.

Guest rooms - 8
Capacity - 28 people
TEL 0243-24-2110
FAX 0243-24-2230

The atmosphere of the Taisho era still lingers at this quiet inn with only eight guest rooms, perfect for adult guests.
The inn boasts a 100% free-flowing hot spring and meticulously handcrafted course meals.

Guest rooms - 24
Capacity - 95 people
TEL 0243-24-2225
FAX 0243-24-3139

This inn will catch your eye with its water wheel and quaint atmospheric buildings. It offers relaxation and meals made with sincerity.

Guest rooms - 70
Capacity - 350 people
TEL 0243-24-2626
FAX 0243-24-2619

This inn, which stands directly over Kagamigaike pond, has a pleasurable feeling of openness. In addition to the hot spring, there is also an herbal open-air bath, which accentuates the effects of the hot spring.

Guest rooms - 45
Capacity - 256 people
Tel 0243-24-2008
FAX 0243-24-2929

This natural style ryokan has an interior built in the image of a forest.
Situated near the banks of Kagamigaike, the guest rooms and open-air bath boast a spectacular view of the peaks of Mt. Adatara.

Yasuragino-yado Healthy Pal Adatara
Guest rooms - 20
Capacity - 70 people
TEL 0243-24-2234
FAX 0243-24-2235

We hope to help you remember the forgotten moments - the warm, relaxing, and slow-paced moments in a nice hot spring. The hospitality we provide is based on this concept. Our meals use plenty of locally grown seasonal ingredients to provide healthy dishes. We are equipped with a ground golf course and gateball court for enthusiasts. We sincerely look forward to your visit.

Guest rooms - 24
Capacity - 62 people
TEL 0243-24-2234
FAX 0243-24-2235

A rich, natural environment surrounded by the breezes and fragrances of the four seasons.
Both Japanese and Western-style guest rooms are available.
The facilities are also equipped with a meeting room and one tennis court.